The trials and tribulations of being mum to a pony rider

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Friday, September 17, 2004

How it began......

I’ve come late to the horseworld as neither of my daughters showed any interest in the beasts till the youngest was 13. Then we moved to a Cotswold village with a riding stables, J asked for lessons, and two years on we now find ourselves looking for a pony, though I don’t quite know how, why or when we agreed!

This diary is an account of our search and the year that follows us through our first steps into the horsy world: tentative plans so far are to school and ride the pony through the winter months and take it to local shows next year to get a feel of small-time competition.

Our wants are this:

Must be able to jump a bit
Must have lovely paces
Must have potential to improve, as part of the fun for J will be in bringing the pony on – a finished product is not what we’re after
Must be attractive – that’s terribly shallow and not at all in the right horsy spirit, but this pony will be a pet as much as anything and we need it to be pretty :) Anything heavy or cob-like is out. Oh and it must not be piebald, skewbald or have a wall eye.