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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Mixed Fortunes

Another of my PCs has died, kaput, finis, shuffled off its mortal coil at three years old, hence the delay in updates. Another PC is on its way, but there is no reason to assume it wil last any longer than the last two. Panikos and I are designing a series of small tombstones with pc name, dates etc, to affix to our signatures as we seem to have the touch of certain doom.

But.. what's being going on in the pony-world, I hear you ask!

Recent results:

Combined Training Sunday 23 Oct:

Dressage – Prelim 10 - middling score in line with recent lacklustre performances
Jumping 75cm – went clear, finished 4th overall (green rosette)
Jumping 85cm, clear, finished 2nd overall (blue rosette)

Dressage only – Sunday 30 Oct

Prelim 12 – 68.5% - 5th place – big improvement (orange rosette)
Novice 21 -this was Clyde’s first Novice test, stepping up a level from Prelim, and he did surprisingly well – 62.5% from a harsh judge, and he would actually have been placed had Lucinda Trophy-Tophat not entered on two horses, which clearly should not be allowed, as it unfairly penalises non-rich people who are Making the Best of It with just one, mediocre mount.

Not that Clyde thinks he is in any way mediocre – not since the invitation to the Awards evening came in – yesssssssssss!!! Mr Blade handed it to Pony-girl personally and we were thrilled to see that they have been nominated for three awards:

Best Junior Rider
Best Pony
CrossCountry Champion

They might win none of these of course, as there are 6 nominees in each category, but just to be asked! To be there! What a thrill! To celebrate we rushed out and bought a big bag of Apple Treats, which look exactly like regurgitated owl pellets, in a nauseous shade of green. However, Clyde would kill for these, and sometimes nearly does - they have a terrible effect on his behaviour and after scarfing down a handful he always makes a savage lunge at the ponies on each side of his stall, for no reason at all except Haha, I got treats and you didn’t, I’m a bigger’n’smarter’n higher up the herd-sorta-pony than you!

Last Sunday we had a little incident on closing up the horsebox. Pony-girl is on duty inside the box at such times, hauling on Clyde’s silly nose to keep it out of the way of the slamming ramps as he tries repeatedly to poke it out to see what’s going on. I was levering up the side-door from the ground, panting, and could hear her issuing a stream of complaints inside, not unusual, so I ignored it - until the whinges within reached a frantically noisy pitch. “Oh whatever IS the matter!” I called in exasperation, and looked around the edge, only to see I had been slowly heaving up Pony-girl’s right leg along with the door. There she was with one thigh cranked up to shoulder-height, wobbling on her other foot. As I lowered the ramp, along with it came down the leg, its graceful descent marred by a loud creaking and groaning from PG’s hip socket – or the ramp hinges, and all the while Clyde looked on, frankly astonished at our antics.

It was all so silly we both collapsed into giggles and couldn’t wait to retell this tale to Reluctant-pony-dad when we got home, buffooning it as we acted it out - “and then her leg came down, slowly, majestically – ‘ and although we could hardly speak for laughing, at the end of our tale he had not cracked a smile.

“Was it,” he began slowly, “the side door…. or the rear door?"

I suppose you had to be there.

Clyde looks on, astonished


  • At 1:56 PM, Heather and Prize said…

    Congratulations Clyde!

    --- Heather

    Way to go Clyde! Thanks for the note before my show. Don't you worry, I absolutely did not put my head down and I got lots of hugs and awards and peppermints anyway.

    --- Prize

  • At 8:19 PM, Helen Raven said…

    Nominated in three categories! That's wonderful. Yay for PG and Clyde!


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