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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Freeing Clyde

Last week Pam broke the news that, since she hasn't been able to use Clyde in lessons for a couple of months, and since his cough is not clearing up, she could no longer keep him on working livery rates and the charge for keeping him would triple :(

This threw us into a panicky depression, and a night was spent feverishly searching the 'net for Retirement Home for Horses in the Cotwolds - without any luck at all. I got up early the next day and spent more time on the 'net, with just two (almost) affordable options resulting - one near Oxford, one in Devon.

Something then made me pick up the phone and call Emma at Wood Stanway, just five minutes away - starting, ridiculously, to cry when she told me she could take Clyde, immediately, and keep him on grass at a price even pauper-Pony-Girl can afford.
For a very long time Jay has yearned to see Clyde with more outdoor time, a Free Clyde, indeed, and certainly living in a field with other horses and beautiful scenery all around seems more of a life for a good horse than one lived mainly in a stable or a school. Kindly Pam boxed up Clyde and drove him there for us the very next day - and the picture shows the moment when we set him free in his new life, possibly in the loveliest place in the world.


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